Warren doesn’t just take pictures, he tells stories. Images need to make you feel, take you in, knock your sox into the next zip code. Who wants to look at a boring picture? Forget it.

With an award winning documentary-style, honed while working as an adventure guide and travel photographer, Warren has the skills set to work in challenging environments where anything can happen (and has). And because every shoot can come with its own obstacles (there’s a category 5 hurricane, the groom doesn’t show up, the CEO won’t get off his phone long enough to pose), having a photographer who can adapt is essential. Working with clients and not just for them, getting the best from his subjects and surroundings (no matter what), approaching every project with his unique documentary-style, that’s what having Warren behind the lens brings to your project. 

Warren’s story began in Montreal, where he was born and raised. And photography has taken him all over the place (talk about frequent flyer miles). Working as an adventure guide and travel photographer, Warren has explored North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, through back roads, white water, and snow capped mountains. 

He studied commercial photography at Dawson College in Montreal, has won numerous awards, loves the outdoors and knitting (yes, knitting).

Warren Zelman Photography

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